I was introduced to fab dance by a friend and I have never looked back….
I love the instructor Fiona and she has for sure given me the confidence to push forward in my fitness and weight loss, not only are the boogie bounce classes fun,warm and welcoming they have a fab energy that wants you to keep coming back.
I can not highly recommend fab dance, fiona and her team more… fitness with a fab instructor in Fiona and made fun what more can you ask for.
Can’t keep me away
Chantelle Lawlor xxxxx

Lucy Angus

My 4 year old daughter and her friend both look forward to going to the Tinyboppers class every Saturday morning. They enjoy the exercises and the routines and even practise the same routines at home! They have lots of fun. Thanks Fiona!

dylis sutcliffe

Fiona Briddon was my granddaughters dance teacher for eight years.Her manner of teaching was excellent she had a very good relationship with her pupils and brought out the best in them .She was an excellent teacher and produced very high standards of dancing in most of her pupils.She encouraged a great love of dancing in my granddaughter and when she started exams and competitions gained top results and levels very quickly.She reached Championship level in less than twelve months.She reached finals in British Isles championships and European
Championships and Semi finals in Disco Kid,She was also Spanish slow dance Champion.I would thoroughly recommend her as an excellent and sympathetic teacher to anyone wishing to learn to dance