Fitness Classes

All fitness classes can be booked online. Book 6 classes and get 1 free. If you book 13 classes you get 3 free. We have a 24 hour cancellation and transfer policy.

Boogie Bounce

Fabdance Centre is a licensed BBX venue, meaning no-one else is allowed to set up a class within the local area so you know you are getting an exclusive workout in an officially trained and licensed venue.

Boogie Bounce Xtreme

This program is fab, fun, funky and fat burning. It is a complete exercise program on a mini trampoline with a safety bar. Routines choreographed to chart topping inspiring music an extremely effective cardio section, followed by a really powerful bums, tums and legs conditioning section.

Boogie Bounce Revolution

This program is a variation of BBX which incorporates circuit training using the trampolines as the Cardio aspect using HIIT (High Intensity Internal Training) methods. If you’re not much of a dance routine person, then this is the class for you, alternating cardio stations on the trampolines doing moves such as stomps, frogs, jogging, knees up, kicks, with conditioning stations like planks, kettle bells, ab crunches, there is easy and hard options available.

Total Fit

This program is non cardio designed to tone up, tighten muscles and increase overall strength and flexibility using your own body weight, kettle bells, dumbbells, so you maximise results, the ultimate way to build muscle tone and drop fat. This class is great if you need something with minimal impact yet you still want to sweat and feel the burn.

Step up 2 dance

Bringing back the old school step deck! Step your way to a toned body with this fun cardiovascular workout to some great music with choreographed routines.

Ball and Stability

This class uses fitness balls designed for core strength and flexibility. Controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition of your complete body. Improves posture and take a balanced approach so no muscle group is over worked and the body moves as efficient in daily activity. Fun but very effective at getting super stretches and amazing toning/strengthening for your entire body.


High Intensity Interval Training. This cardio based program is total body conditioning based on max interval training supposedly a faster way of burning calories. HIIT classes targets the entire body beginning with an accelerated warm up and moving into 3 blocks of work, each one targeting a different element of fitness.